Our Values

  • Dependence on God (God is our provider and we will depend on Him and not the government for our support)
  • Evangelism (The Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to save and transform lives for the glory of God and we will not be ashamed of it)
  • Restoration (We will always strive to assist hurting individuals to restore broken relationships with God, family and others)
  • Accountability (We will always strive encourage personal responsibility and growth as opposed to enablement. We want to be a "hand up" not a "hand out")
  • Integrity (We will strive to be faithful stewards of all God has given us and will exercise honesty and wisdom in our decisions and conduct)
  • Safety (We will do everything in our power to insure a safe and healthy environment for all staff and residents, physically, emotionally and spiritually)
  • Compassion (We will strive to show the love of Christ to those in need)