What does Hope Gospel Mission do?

Hope Gospel Mission is more than a homeless shelter. Men and women staying at Hope Gospel Mission will be involved in our intentional, faith-based, healthy, healing, community. Whether they are recovering from an addiction, or trying to get back on their feet, they will be surrounded by counselors, chaplains, staff, volunteers, mentors, and peers that will help them set goals and achieve wellness. We will provide assessments in the areas of academics, addiction, finances, life skills, mental health, nutrition and fitness, parenting, spirituality, and employment. Once completed a plan will be put into place to become the person God created each person to be in each of these areas.

This is not a quick fix but a long-term program aimed at addressing the root issues. We set up each person for success and help them build a brand new foundation, giving them a fresh start.

Does Hope Gospel Mission accept everyone that comes to their door?

Hope Gospel Mission has chosen to adopt a mission statement and core values that differentiate us from a stereotypical homeless shelter. In fact, although many of the candidates that come to our door are homeless, we specifically categorize ourselves as a rescue mission, not a homeless shelter. Although we meet temporal needs and offer short term stays, the difference lies in our desire to offer programming, case management and complete life-change solutions.

This means that our ultimate goal is not to provide housing but to see the lives of the homeless and needy transformed for the glory of God, into the people that God created them to be.

We reach out to the homeless and needy but our intention is not to be a transient shelter. We offer real life-change to those who want to stop the cycle and get a fresh start or new beginning. 

Can Someone Stay at Hope Gospel Mission if They Are Not a Christian?


Keep in mind that our programs operate with a faith-based curriculum, meaning that they introduce our residents to who Jesus is and require attendance at a Christian church service on Sunday mornings. However, Hope Gospel Mission doesn’t require its residents to believe in God, be saved, or agree with our statement of faith to be part of our programs. This means that we have even had atheists and residents of other religions participate in our programs.

Will Individuals be asked to work if they join the program?

Our programming has the goal of helping residents become self-supportive.

The Bible teaches us that if you are able to work, you should work (2 Thessalonians 3:10). One of our core values is to not enable people in their addictions or contribute to any attitudes of entitlement. As we address the root issues of homelessness, poverty and addiction, we focus our resources on helping people stop the cycles of poverty and addiction and create an environment where they can be successful in life. We want to help people become all that God created them to be. Governmental aid, such as unemployment compensation, is a useful safety net but shouldn't be a lifestyle.

We understand that there are some people who are completely unable to work. In these cases we connect these individuals with other local agencies who are specialized in this field.

Does Hope Gospel Mission require someone pay to stay at the Mission?

For residents in the Short-Stay Program (1-30 days):


For residents in the Renewed Hope Program:

Maybe. The exception is for those that have income while they are in the program, even though they are not working. They will be asked to contribute a very small amount toward their program expenses.

Residents in the Renewed Hope Program, which comes after the Short-Stay Program, do not pay any fees. In fact, residents  in the Renewed Hope Program actually receive spending money. Residents also receive financial rewards for completing goals in this program. They are provided with food, clothing, money to pay child support obligations, money to pay off their debt, and more. Residents also receive money to build an emergency savings fund and receive a donated automobile upon program completion.

For residents in the Discipleship Training Program:


Once residents in the Discipleship Training Program (DTP), which comes after the Renewed Hope Program, begin employment outside the Mission and have a steady income, we ask them to contribute a pre-determined share of household expenses as they are living in our smaller transitional homes alongside other DTP residents. We don't want them to become financially dependent on us or any other agency, and this contribution helps them take ownership and responsibility for themselves in order to transition them back into independent living. Once residents complete the DTP, they are reimbursed half of the fees they paid. 

Does Hope Gospel Mission turn people away?

While we try to help as many people as possible that come to our door, there is a small percentage of people that come to us who aren't eligible to stay with us.

This may be because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they come to our door. In order to protect our existing residents from potential relapse, we ask these individuals to come back when they are sober. There is also the rare occasion where we are concerned about an individual's unresolved violent history and decline their stay in order to protect our existing residents. However, in these cases we refer these individuals to other area agencies that could help them. 

Can someone get information regarding whether or not a family member is staying at Hope Gospel Mission?

We must respect the privacy of our residents by not sharing information with people without their permission. If someone calls looking for a resident, we cannot say whether or not that person is staying with us, but we can take a message and give it to that person if they are with us. For the same reason, we cannot share details about an individual resident's program or progress without their permission. It's best if the resident initiates these types of discussions and have their renewal counselor reach out to someone who needs more information.

Can individuals be employed while being a resident at Hope Gospel Mission?

Residents staying in the Short Stay Program will be working or looking for work as it is a priority to be employed after their 1 to 30 day stay. Residents joining the long term Renewed Hope Program, will be participating in programming as their full time responsibility during the first two phases of the program. After the work readiness curriculum has been completed, residents will begin seeking outside employment as one of their final goals in the employment dimension of the program. All residents will be employed prior to completing the Renewed Hope Program, as a program goal.

Does Hope Gospel Mission help with gas, rental assistance, provide groceries or motel vouchers?

Hope Gospel Mission does not provide these resources. The core mission and vision is to create a healthy community for people who are trying to rebuild their lives. Other organizations provide these resources for our community, so we refer instead of duplicate these services.

Does Hope Gospel Mission give away free cars?

Hope Gospel Mission provides cars to the men and women who complete the long-term Renewed Hope Program. We are unable to provide free cars to members of the public, but do sell cars through our fully licensed dealership at fair rates. Hope Gospel Mission is not set up to finance automobile sales.

Does Hope Gospel Mission accept Food Donations?

YES, there are many food items that are needed and gladly accepted. Fresh produce, meat, dairy items, frozen foods, canned goods, and other non-perishable items are all gladly accepted. We cannot accept opened packages of food or expired food items.

Residents are served healthy meals and snacks, so dessert and "junk food" items are accepted on a limited basis. It is greatly appreciated if you check with the food coordinator prior to donating these items to make sure we can use them.

If you have food you'd like to donate, please contact our food service coordinator at 715-552-5566 ext. 1304 or foodservice@hopegospelmission.org to schedule the delivery of the donation. Our food service coordinator is not always onsite, so scheduling delivery is desired.

Does Hope Gospel Mission pick up donations?

Yes. If you live in the Eau Claire area you can schedule a donation pickup by calling 715-552-5566 ext. 113 or online.

May I donate items to be given directly to residents? Where do I bring them?

All donations made to Hope Gospel Mission directly benefit residents and should be dropped off at one of our Hope Bargain Center locations. Residents are able to shop for the items they need (ie. shirts, pants, shoes, hats, coats, etc.) at the Hope Bargain Center in Eau Claire. In addition to Mission residents, other community members in need may also receive vouchers to obtain items they need from the Hope Bargain Centers. Additionally, proceeds from the Hope Bargain Centers provide funding for the life-changing programs provided to residents staying at Hope Gospel Mission. Specific items needed for resident care are listed on on our website on the Get Involved page under "Give Needed Items". These items can be dropped of at the Hope Gospel Mission Administration Office, Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

I am homeless and need somewhere to sleep, can I get into the Mission today?

Hope Gospel Mission isn't a typical homeless shelter where people line up at the door for a bed at each night. We provide three different types of programming. Some people stay for just a short time while they get back on their feet, some people stay for our life changing Renewed Hope Program which can be over a year long, and some choose to join our transitions program after they finish the Renewed Hope Program. Whichever stay is right for you, the first step is to complete an application and have an interview with our intake department. This can take one day or several days, depending on each person's unique situation and needs.