Become a Network Church

Churches can also get involved by becoming a network church. Based on our faith statement and ministry orientation, we seek to partner with evangelical Christian churches with the goal of helping our residents connect and grow within their church family. For logistical purposes, the number of network churches is limited to a manageable number.

Hope Gospel Mission partners with network churches to help provide accountability and spiritual growth of the residents. It is our goal to have each resident develop healthy Christian relationships within the community of believers to help them mature in Christ. This helps residents move into independence once they complete programming so they no longer need to depend on the Mission for their community and spiritual needs. Our desire is to have each resident find a church home while they are Hope Gospel Mission where they will continue to fellowship upon completion of their recovery programming.

Churches interested in becoming a network church will need to meet with our Chaplain to discuss the availability of mentors, ability to transport residents, small group Bible study opportunities and other topics.