Alan's Story

Once Rejected... Now Fully Accepted

Alan seemed to have an ideal life. He was raised in a stable home, went to church and had a good education. He got married, hoping to have a family and give his children the same solid upbringing he had enjoyed.

The foundation under Alan’s feet shifted when his wife had an affair. He was crushed and began drinking to ease his pain. When the couple divorced a few years later, Alan was in bad shape, physically and emotionally.

Still, Alan managed to pick up the pieces of his broken life. He remarried, only to have his second wife leave him as well.

This time, Alan’s foundation crumbled completely. He considered suicide ... but worried if he took his life, hell would be waiting for him. For the next four years, Alan wandered, depressed and homeless on the streets, sunk into himself, trapped within his misery.

Living on the edge of suicide and mental illness, Alan came to Hope Gospel Mission. With your support, he experienced the best thing in the world that can happen to a person. He came to know Jesus.

Strengthened by God’s love and acceptance, Alan’s spiritual and physical health improved. He served wherever he was needed at the Misson, while building friendships with the staff and other residents. Today, Alan is on staff with us. He supervises the residents at the Hope Renewal Center for Men in our Short Stay and Renewed Hope programs.

Alan is also returning to school to equip himself for service to others in need. The pain of his past has given him compassion for hurting people who can benefit from what he has learned along the way.

“Thank you for your kindness to men and women who fall into darkness like Alan did.
They can not escape without someone opening the door to a place
like Hope Gospel Mission. Here they can be fully accepted by Jesus Christ and
begin a new life, built on a foundation of His love.”

*Names and photos in stories may have been changed for privacy.

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