November 2020 Newsletter

Merry Christmas! You Bring Joy to Many

Treasure in Heaven

Dear Friend,

     I heard of a man who drove a large luxury car into a poor neighborhood. He pulled the car over to 
stop next to two young boys playing in the street.

     The man got out of the car and opened the trunk. Then he pulled a new bicycle out and wheeled it 
over to one of the boys. With a big smile on his face, he said, “Merry Christmas,” as he gave the startled 
boy the bicycle.

     The other boy standing there said, “Wow! I wish I could...,” but he was interrupted by another man 
standing nearby watching the scene. “I know what you are going to say,” he said. “You are going to say 
you wished you had a bike like that.”

     “No,” the boy said quietly. “I was going to say I wish I could give someone a bike like that.”

     At a young age, the boy knew the joy of giving. Jesus taught it was even greater than the joy of receiving, 
“It is better to give than receive.” Acts 20:35

     You receive little reward now from the men, women and children you help here at Hope Gospel Mission. 
They will not thank you personally, most of the time. And, you may not see the joy they bring to their families 
who welcome them back and celebrate their recovery. They will go on from here to help others, but you 
won’t see much of that. You won’t know half of the good you have brought to others. But God will.

     Please know that God sees every blessing you provide, and He will reward you at the right time.
You are serving those who cannot pay you back. There is great joy in that.

Merry Christmas,

Sandi Polzin 
Executive Director Hope Gospel Mission




A special thank you to Green Bay Packers Foundation, Make It Better Foundation and Nordson Corporation Foundation for your generosity! You are changing lives of people in desperate need!

Kelly Overcomes Her Childhood Addiction

“When I was 11 years old, I ended up getting an infection in my ankle, and I had to have 9 surgeries
on it. I remember going home with bottles of hydrocodone and all these different meds. I remember
taking so much of them when I was hurting. When I didn’t need them anymore, I was addicted before
I even knew what that meant,” Kelly shared. 
Now, at the age of 19, Kelly remembers a sweet, loving,
fun childhood with her mama and her older brother. “I have the most  loving family. It is just
remarkable how they have continued to love me. I wouldn’t be alive without them.”

But her childhood addiction was strong and quickly took over her life. When she was 16, Kelly entered
her first detox. “For a 16-year-old, parents should have to worry about holding their 
kid after they had
their first heartbreak or something, not hold their kid and see the track marks on their arms.” 

They recommended long-term treatment based on Kelly’s long  list of disorders and 
addictions. “Ever
since then it just got worse 
and worse and worse and worse. And when I thought it couldn’t get any
worse, it still did.”

Kelly went to jail on her first felony charge right after turning 18. She struggled to stay sober, but
when she got a new caseworker, things began to turn around. Her caseworker Chris worked hard to
hold her accountable. She eventually passed her sobriety test and 
was able to move into Hope Gospel

“I had never known the Lord. God started revealing to me things in my life that happened that proved
He is the one God. That’s not a question for me anymore. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and
Savior, and without that, I don’t think sobriety would even be an option for me,” Kelly said. 
Kelly’s record time for sobriety used to be 90 days ... now she is over 6 months sober. She has a bright
future ahead of 
her. She is fearlessly seeking the Lord and waiting to see what He has in store for her.
is still so young, but cannot wait to continue to grow with her Savior and serve Him

If you were to meet Kelly on the street and tell her about your love for Hope Gospel Mission,
she would joyfully scream and perhaps want a hug.  She is one of your biggest fans.
“There’s just a pit 
of joy in my stomach and a lump of love in my throat that makes me so speechless.
Words cannot even explain ... I’m so blessed. Thank you.”

Thank you for offering a new start to this young woman. You are changing lives for the Lord.



Christmas is Coming!
Every Christmas, more people come through our doors. This year may bring even more need.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been an extraordinary year. Through tough times, you kept funds coming and no one here went hungry. You have been faithful, andwe are grateful.
We remained open to welcome all men, women and children God sent to us, and many came to find peace with Him. And now it is time 
for Christmas.

Our joyful Christmas celebrations are fast approaching! We will celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ with delicious food and wonderful company. It truly is a happy time
for residents.

This means the list of needs keeps growing! You can meet these needs this Christmas by donating online.

You bring smiles to the faces and hope to the hearts of every person we serve this holiday season.

Thank you for making a difference.
God Bless You!

Harvest of Hope

you to everyone who participated in this year's 19th Annual Harvest of Hope Fall Fundraiser. If you missed the event, it is now available for viewing at

Your support provides positive life change in our Community.

Supporting Sponsors 

Alliance Bank Mason Companies, Inc.
Castlerock Museum Northcentral Insulation
Cedarcreek Community Church Oakleaf Surgical Hospital
Compeer Financial Pak Mail
ConAgra Foods Regis Court Dental Associates
Crossroads Church Roadside Ice Cream & Diner
Harvestime Church - Chippewa Falls SEEK Careers/Staffing, Inc.
JC Auto Sales Wendel
Johnson, Runkel, Kraegenbrink, Inc. Wiersgalla Company
Marten Transport, Ltd.

Gifts Given in Memory

(Persons being honored are listed first)

All God's People, Bonnie Anderson

All People & Children Who Need Help, Charol Karnick

B Olson, L Smith, Gjerning family, & LaBelle family,
Patrice Gjerning

Babbette Jaquish, Don Jaquish

Betty Peterson and Larry Peterson, Barbara Black

Bob Wright, Andy McGrane

Carl Bahnson, Mary Weider

Carol Porn, Richard Porn

Carolyn Johnson, Daniel and Carolyn Johnson

Charlene Newhouse, Shawn and Tracy Newhouse

Charlie V Hill, Jennifer Wilkinson

Charlie V Hill, Rebecca Wilkinson

Charlie V Hill, Theresa Wilkinson

Cheryl Strong, my sister, Richard and Connie Winger

Clarice Hong and Julia Rue, Todd and Sue Hong

Constance Carroll, Gary and Sandra Borgmeyer

Corinne Janicki, Lois Johnson

Darlene Barclay, Beverly Anderson

Daughter Andrews, Janet Andrews

Debbie Gough, Ellen Gough

Dennis Ramseier, Mark and Kristina Briggs

DeWaine J Lindsley, Eunice Glover

Diane Y Peil, Merlin Peil

Don Pardun, Marge Pardun

Donald Bowe, Glenna and Donald Bowe

Ed Anderson, Brian Graff

Elroy, Barbara & Patrick Gunderson, Peter Gunderson

Eugene J Melville, Jr, John Melville

Fred Crandall, Lee and Ann Norton

Fritz Geske, Richard Ziemann

Gary Brisky, Brisky Commercial Real Estate

George and Merna Johnson, Bill and Jennie Stewart

Gladys Magaw, Bernicke Wealth Managment

Gordon Hong, Sr, Angie Hong

Harold and Rose Strasser, Harold Strasser

Hope Gospel Mission Staff, Rita Veitch

Hugo Oja, Ronald and Linda Luck

Jake Mikkel Brown, Jeff and Vicki Iverson

Javerna Fjelsted, Javerna Fjelsted

Jean Polzin, Mary and Pat Geissler

Jennie Geurts, Pamela Diekmann

Jesus Christ, Dale Neumann

Joe Lokrantz, Becky Lokrantz

John Boley, David Boley

John Sundby, Dale and Janice Albricht

Johon Sperstad, Chris Schmid

Jordan Lee Tucker, Jeff and Wendy Tucker

Joyce Hopperdietzel, John Hopperdietzel

Kim Link, my daughter who passed away 3 years ago, Beverly Larrabee

Leroy Olstad, Louise Koxlien

Lori Rogness, Ann Coolidge

Lucy and Bill Schroeder, Kristopher Schroeder

Lyle Jessie, Roxanne Jessie

Lynn Bleskachek, Bill and Jennie Stewart

Mary Ann Rizzato, Ken Green

Mary K Jensen, Virginia Isaacs

Michael Blaeser, Roberta Blaeser

Michael J Erickson, John and Lori Bekkum

Mr. John Klabon, Joseph and Joyce Motto

My husband's 90th birthday - June 6th, James and Rita Sendelbach

Nedra and Jim Lemke, Shawn and Tracy Newhouse

Our God, Oleksandr Kostiuchenko

Our parents who gave so much of themselves to support others,
James and Valerie Fedie

Patricia Astrup, Bill and Laurel Callaghan

Philip Machmeier, Deb Machmeier

Richard J Lea, Julie and Peter Lea

Robert and Audrey Gayhart, Thomas and Sharon Coates

Robert J Harings, Brent Harings

Robert K Henning, Robert and Eva Henning

Robert Krumenauer, Judy Bechard

Robert Krumenauer, Scott and Nancy Stene

Rodney Nicholson, Patti Nicholson

Ross Gjerning, Bill & Paula LaBelle, Katie & Elizabeth Burger
& all the African-American lives lost due to racism

Ruth Blake, Kelly and Michael Blake

Ruth Robertson, Louise Koxlien

Ruth Wolter (my mom), Julianna Wolter

Steven Curry, Angela Hersil

Steven Curry, Betsy Spahiu

Steven Curry, Brian and Susan Johnson

Steven Curry, David Ramon

Steven Curry, Gregg and Julie Johnson

Steven Curry, James Kitzinger

Steven Curry, Janet Babe

Steven Curry, Michael and Connie Cummings

Steven Curry, Michael and Karen Curry

Steven Curry, Nate Schoepp

Steven Curry, Peter and Kim Pytlik

Steven Curry, Rexnord Corporate HR

Steven Curry, Willard and Faith Johnson

Steven V Dickinsen, II, Steven and Rosann Dickinsen

Tara, Corisa and Hilary Baskin, Doug and Trudy Baskin

The Curry Family, Rexnord

The Curry Family, Sarah Aschenbrenner

Residents of Hope Gospel Mission, Anonymous

Thomas Zimmerman, Doris Zimmerman

Virgil Hill, Lois Johnson

Wallace F Foiles, Michael and Sally Foiles

Walter G Webinger, Jr., Lucille Webinger

Wayne Shong, Jack Krause

William Pagel, William and Jo Anne Pagel

Y'Jori Morris, Melissa Hartung

Yvonne Carlson, Leona Carlson

Romans 12:10 ~ "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. "

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