January 2021 Newsletter

Restored and Renewed Because of You

New Beginnings

Dear Friend,

While Hope Gospel Mission is a rescue mission, in many ways it feels more like a home.

We want all who come to the Mission to feel welcome and safe to open their hearts to God’s love. Instead
of fighting to survive, we want residents to shake off their burdens and learn to trust God for everything. He
is fabulously generous. No one has to earn His love. God gives to all who ask, seek and knock on His door.
He has a wonderful way of answering and making everything new.

We pray for everyone here to look deeply at the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no greater love
than to see the perfect Son of God giving Himself as payment for our sins. That is the love that heals
wounded hearts. It makes everything new.

Some people might say we should tone down the Gospel message and just offer food, shelter and therapy.
But there are already clinics that provide physical and mental healing. Hope Gospel Mission is a place
where God heals the soul of a person, forever. Thank you for making people feel at home and loved
here. Your partnership makes all things new in this special place.



Sandi Polzin 
Executive Director Hope Gospel Mission



A special thank you to Andersen Corporate Foundation and Wisconsin Counties Association Services for your generosity! You are changing lives of people in desperate need!

The Best is Yet to Come for Tom

Tom was sober for ten years — one of the best times in his life. He had a family, a good job and
a nice house near Madison. But when an important relationship broke up, everything else crumbled
as well. He went back to his old ways: selling marijuana and dabbling in Oxycontin and other drugs.
Then a friend offered him heroin.

“One day I was really depressed, so I got high on heroin. That’s when I really spiraled down,” Tom
recalls. He went to work high, crashed a vehicle and lost his job and his home. He stayed with a friend
in Eau Claire and switched from heroin to meth. Before long, Tom was in jail. It was the best thing that
could have happened to him because that’s where he learned about Hope Gospel Mission.

“I turned in my application from jail,” Tom says. “All I had to do was show up when I was released, and
I got in right away.” Tom had been to rehab before, and he immediately saw what makes Hope Gospel
Mission’s program special. “God is always number one here!”

Tom says he had always believed in God and had prayed to Him as a child, but lost touch with Him over
the years. Now, thanks to the Mission, he has a personal relationship with Christ and attends church
regularly. “I always put God first. If I don’t, I know how I’m going to end up.”

In just a few months, Tom will graduate from the program and start working again. “I want to do better
for myself,” he says. “The Mission is helping me do that.” Tom is already making plans for a new career
in car sales, arranging visitation with his son and daughter in Madison and working on gaining custody
of another son, born recently and abandoned by his mother.

Tom knows now that his ten years of sobriety were just a taste of what God has in store. “Lives change
in a short amount of time at the Mission,” Tom says. “Even if someone doesn’t stay and complete the
program, their life is already changed for the better.”



Thank you for making Spirits Bright in 2020!

Thank you for your generous part in making the holidays bright at the close of a dark and difficult year. You provided a warm and inviting place for men, women and children who had nowhere else to go.

Things were different, but still joyful at our Christmas dinner. We gave out delicious and filling to-go meals for everyone to enjoy.

As always, Christmas was a time of great joy at Hope Gospel Mission. Please accept our thanks for blessing our residents with your gifts and prayers during this very special season, and offering them the faithful love of Christ for the year ahead.

Thank you!

Just the Beginning of a New Life for Rick!

For years, Rick felt like the black sheep of his family. He had become addicted to pain killers after having back surgery in high school. Later, he switched to heroin and had all kinds of problems with the law. Eventually, he became homeless.

“I felt ostracized,” he says of those lost years, thinking at the time that others were to blame. Now he knows that was not true, but it took an overdose for Rick to realize how much his family still loved him.

For months, his mother had asked him to try Hope Gospel Mission. Rick finally agreed.

“There were a lot of rules at the Mission, a lot of structure,” Rick recalls of his first days here. “It took a while to realize it was for my benefit. The first month was really hard.” So hard, in fact, that Rick relapsed. "I messed up, and they gave me a second chance,” he says. “I’d never felt like I wanted a second chance before.”

Rick made the most of it, becoming “laser-focused” on the program. “I realized how much I had gained and how much I had to lose,” he tells us.

However, the biggest reason for the change in Rick’s life is faith. “I don’t feel like I have to do everything myself. I can put my trust in Jesus.” Rick tells us he has read most of the Bible since coming to the Mission. “My f avorite person is Paul. If God can take someone who persecuted Christians
and turn him into one of the biggest missionaries the church ever knew, He can do wonderful things with me, too!”

Rick has connected with a local church, which is “super-welcoming to people from the Mission. They’re so thankful you’re there, learning to have a relationship with God.” Rick is interested in ministry, and hopes to help others who struggle with addiction. Career-wise, he plans to serve an apprenticeship as an electrician.

Being at the Mission has been “a wonderful experience” for Rick, especially hearing from his parents how much change they have seen in him. No longer feeling like the black sheep, Rick says, “Everyone is a sinner, and we all fall short. But every week it gets better and better. This is just the beginning!”


You helped us through 2020!

 Last year, with your faithful support, Hope Gospel Mission provided:


Thank you for Making a Difference!

Gifts Given in Memory

(Persons being honored are listed first)

Patrick Pacheco, Richard and Veronica Schahczinski

Brent Talledge, Jinny Telledge

My Parents, Terry Hams

Bruce StovernBeverly Schultz

Dorothy A Miller, Ralph Miller

Shirley Neikirk and Rodney Rhude, Dale and Janice Albricht

John Mark Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Montanye

William Brehm, Sheri Hall

Bessie Whalen, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hanson

Jim Coleman, Neil Hemenway

William Pagel, Jo Anne Pagel

Karen House & Kay Brown, William and Patricia McCann

Jane Berry, Anonymous Donor

Philip Machmeier, Deb Machmeier

Dick Toycen, Ellie Toycen

George and Merna Johnson, Bill and Jennie Stewart

Mathew Peirce, Tamara Alfaro

Leonard (Huntz), Randy, Roger Geissler, Brian and Kristine

Ron Lude, Richard and Patricia Ghyselinck

Gordon Hong, Sr., Angie Hong

Addie Eytcheson and Kevin R., Marlene Eytcheson

Michael Blaeser, Roberta Blaeser

Mike and Gail Eytcheson, Marlene Eytcheson

John Olynick, Delores Olynick

Carter Carlson, Jason and Stacey Carlson

Verna Schmidt, Gregory and Dorothy Plantz

Health Care Workers, Robert and Patricia Anderson

Duane M. Fern, Dawn Fern

CJ Robinson & Lynne Farmer, Justin and Heather

Sheila Kvapil, Sheila and Anthony Kvapil

Jerome and Carole Frederick, Tracy and John Guhl

Wilfred G. Burlingame, LaVonne Burlingame

Volunteers & Contributors to My Recent Political
 Charlene Warner

Bernice Gessner, Allen Gessner

Harry Bargamian, Richard and Veronica Schahczinski

Steven V Dickinsen II, Steven and Rosann Dickinsen

Rich Urban, Howard Eytcheson, Susan Eytcheson, 
Michael and Gail Eytcheson

Judy and Bob Strader, Jamie Bilderback

Matthew Geske, Jerome and Gladys Geske

Jeff Irving, Connie Irving

Russ Minnich, Lois Minnich

Marian Jenson, Roger and Victoria Jenson

Ruth Blake, Kelly and Michael Blake

Jeffrey Kohlbeck, Paula Kohlbeck

Tim Easker, Chippewa County Human Services

Carol Porn, Richard Porn

My Grandchildren, Connie Anderson

Kyle Christian, David and Carolyn Christian

Geoffrey Charles Schaaf, Charles Schaaf

Ken Hoepner, Marvin and Audrey Samplawski

Sam Buckley, Dr. Bruce and Terri Buckley

Lorena and Manus Kime, Brian and Lori Barquest

Corey Mayer, David Mayer

Don Pritchard, Kathleen Pritchard

Deborah Konkel, Carolyn Hathaway

Judi Slagle and Jared Zibolski, Betty Zibolski

Virginia Vahlbusch, Russell Vahlbusch

My Sisters: Judy and Marlene, Robert and Jan Wickstrom

Eddie Porter, Jean Porter

Our Parents, James and Rita Sendelbach

Randy Maug, Arnold and Beverly Haugen

George Faunce, Margaret Faunce

Entire Essential Medical Workers, Mary J. Bowe

Lori Nault, Michael Nault, Jr

Loved Ones, Roberta Peterson

Carolyn Johnson, Daniel and Carolyn Johnson

My Family, Kathy Bernier

Jenson Merriam, Brian and Judi Merriam

Gregory John Bredlau, Dennis Bredlau

Leonard M Alter, U.S. Army, Carol Alter

Lori Goeppinger, Elice Seebandt

Alf and Lucille Nygaard, James and Dorothea Higgins

Russell Spencer, Larrie & Bev Olson, Chuck and Kim

Justin Biesecker, Wayne and Susan Seichter

Wilfred G. Burlingame, LaVonne Burlingame

Donald Samuelson, Donald and Mary Samuelson

Tony Zizzo, Gayle Zizzo

Celia and Balser Mattern, Roselyn Persons

Edward Gilmartin, Kevin Gilmartin

My Son Daniel,  Lois Nelson

Robert and Audrey Gayhart, Thomas and Sharon

Beth Daines West, Jeanette Daines

Joan Nesbit, Florence Gullickson

Barb Johnson, Jesse and Teri Olson

Rachel Binczak, Dan and Jean Binczak

Lynn Lorenz, Ronald and Greensky Deerdorff

Maurice and Irene Perry, Luann Perry

Warren Wangen, Karen E. Metzgar

John Henry Igandan, Oladapo Igandan

Michael Blaeser, Roberta Blaeser

Florence Strauch, Vernon Strauch


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