September 2021 Newsletter

Giving Thanks at All Times

Dear Friend,

This Thanksgiving, the men, women and children at Hope Gospel Mission have much to be grateful for.  
They have a safe place to sleep at night, three good meals every day and clean clothes to wear. More than  that, they have you. You care about them and give them the financial, spiritual and emotional support they need to make a fresh start in life.

In this issue of The Hope, you’ll meet Jake and Erin. They came to Hope Gospel Mission from very different circumstances, but they have at least one thing in common: they have a bright future, thanks to you. Both of them are looking forward to starting new careers in which they can help others who suffer from addiction or domestic abuse. Their family ties are strong and so is their walk with Jesus Christ.

The most amazing thing about their journeys? They unfolded during a very difficult year for all of us! Despite everything we had to deal with since last March, we were here to offer help and hope to everyone who came to our door. And we are very grateful to you for that!

What does the future hold? Nobody knows. But with the peace of Christ in our hearts, we can give thanks at all times.


Sandi Polzin 
Executive Director
Hope Gospel Mission                                                                                                                                                               



You Kept Erin and her Children Safe and Loved

Erin says she was “just following God’s direction” when she came to Hope Gospel Mission for the second time earlier this year.

She and her children had first come to the Mission before the pandemic when Erin was pregnant and separated from her husband. When her youngest child was just three months old, Erin returned to her husband, but soon knew she had made a mistake.

“God told me I needed to finish what I started at the Mission," Erin says. She found friends and family to care for her four older children and brought the three youngest back to Hope with her.

In the years before coming to Hope, Erin and her children had not only suffered abuse, they had faced homelessness twice — once living in tents in a back yard. However, she tells us, “Through all the things I’ve been through, God has always been there.” Now she also has Hope Gospel Mission — and you — on her side.

This time around, Erin says, “It’s a privilege to be here, to be around people I know I can trust, who can help me if I have questions. I feel at peace here. I feel safe. I feel loved, and my kids love it here. They know they don’t have to worry about anything, that I’m doing what I need to do to become the best mom I can be for them. I’m very glad I was able to come back.”

When her children are in day care, Erin is completing the program and working in our Bargain Center. She is one of our most dedicated workers! “I want to do my best," she says, "and I like to keep busy."

Erin is determined that when she leaves the Mission this time, her life — and her children’s lives — will be very different. She plans to get a massage therapy license. She also plans to become an advocate for women in abusive relationships, especially mothers. “I want to let them know there’s hope, that they can leave.”

You gave Erin that hope. Because you care, she says, “I can keep looking forward in every aspect of my life, every day.”


Thanksgiving is Coming!
It's time to give thanks and celebrate at our annual Thanksgiving Dinner.

On Thanksgiving Day last year, we gave out many meals through our drive-thru for those in need in our community. Last year was busy and this year could be even busier!

This year, we are planning a hybrid event for our Community Dinner on Thanksgiving Day. There will be a sit-down feast of turkey, dressing and ALL the fixings. We will also offer meals through a drive-thru again. It is a time of thankfulness and fellowship.

Preparations start the week before and continue until Thanksgiving Day. And many volunteers help to make this day a success.

If you are interested in volunteering to make this Thanksgiving season memorable, please contact Linda, Community Relations Coordinator, at (715) 491-0905 for more details.

You Help Our Beautiful Community 

A Life Saving Fundraiser

Earlier this year, friends of Hope Gospel Mission offered a $1 for $1 Matching Gift Opportunity to raise money for Automated External Defibrillator units in honor of their son who was lost to suicide.

Your and their generosity combined provided:
    - 8 new AED units (one for each Mission location)
    - Pediatric pads and an anti-choking device for the Hope Renewal Center for Women and Children
    - The necessary staff training on the use of the new devices

We are so grateful to our friends for these donations. We hope we never need to use them, but these AED units are a blessing.

An 11-Year-Old with a Heart for Others

This summer, a sweet 11-year-old named Kyleigh told her grandpa she wanted to raise money for
Hope Gospel Mission. They 
put together a lemonade stand and served delicious and refreshing treats 
for 45 customers. After all this hard work, Kyleigh 
blessed the Mission with $120.

Way to go Kyleigh! Thank you!

Changing Kids' Lives

On Tuesday, August 10th, change donations were collected at area Northwestern bank locations;
Over $17,000 was raised.

WOW! What a blessing!

"You saved my life. Thank you!"

When Jake was sentenced to eight years in prison, he told the judge, “Thank you.”

After more than twenty years addicted to methamphetamine, living on the streets or in jail, he felt tremendous relief. He had no more worries about where he was going to sleep or where his next meal would come from. “This peace came over me. It was God relieving me from the addiction and the lifestyle I’d been living for so long.”

Jake knew prison would be lonely, but he had been alone for years, with no one to stand behind him morally or emotionally — not even his family. “I turned to the one who had given me peace, and that was God.”

While in prison, Jake prayed every night and attended church services and Bible study. He also earned his GED and took college courses. His good behavior qualified him for early release, but he had nowhere to go.

After many years apart, Jake reached out to his mother, who connected him with Hope Gospel Mission. He joined the program and focused on rebuilding his life. “Coming here has been the biggest gift anyone has ever given me,” he says. “The staff here knows everything it takes to build a spirit-filled life. They do amazing work.”

So amazing that when Jake came across a pipe filled with meth while cleaning up some garbage, he immediately called his supervisor to come and take it. "I handled this of my own free will, with no hesitation. I could not believe it! Then I grabbed another handful of garbage and found a pad of paper and on the front it said, ‘Believe It.’"

It’s easy now for Jake to believe he has a bright future, and he hopes to lead others out of addiction as well. He plans to enroll in AODA (Alcohol and Other Drugs) counselor and peer support classes and hopes to work as a counselor when he completes his degree.

Jake has also fully reconciled with his mother and calls his teen-aged son and daughter every day.

Jake has also fully reconciled with his mother and calls his teen-aged son and daughter every day.

“When I came to Hope, that’s what they gave 
me — hope,” Jake says. Every day, he sees your contributions changing his life and those of the other residents, and he is very grateful. “You saved my life. Thank you so much!”

Gifts Given in Memory

(Persons being honored are listed first)

Our Parents James and Rita Sendelbach Bernie Klimek
Mark and Roxy Campbell
Java Bergerson
Jane Bergerson Jared P Zibolski Betty Zibolski
Grandma Ecco John and Jean Neira Ernest  & Mable Bekkum John and Lori Bekkum
Kyle Christian David and Carolyn Christian Ray Wahl James and Laura Wahl
Children, Grand children and
Ronald Farmer Clarence Fitzsimmons Richard and
Teresa Van Gelder
Gary Anderson Ellen Anderson Russ Minnich Lois Minnich
Clarence Fitzsimmons
Mary Fitzsimmons
Marijo Ann Rader Carla Miller
Jean Tremain Donald and Caroline Schulze Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker
Steven Julie Gullikson Douglas Mason Wanda Lambert
John Johnson Linda Johnson Rosemary Olson Arnold and Beverly Haugen
Anna Schultz Phyllis Ede-Hovey Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski
Fred Turk Jerry and Pamela Johnson Douglas Mason Christopher and Rebecca Bast
Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski Gerald Drehmel
Patti Boeve
Steven Curry Betsy Spahiu Douglas Mason Cheryl Mason
Lois A Peterson Louise Koxlien Douglas Mason Bill Larson
Robert Rongstad Marceil Gunderson Laura L King Bret King
St Jude and Clemens Roter Annette Roter Gerald Drehmel Marjory Shong
Richard David Sullivan Allen and Wanda Skroch Douglas Mason
Sandra and James Casetta
Beatrice Schuh
Larry and Maria Schuh
Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker
Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski Richard David Sullivan
Bob and Jan Sloan
Ellis Stearns and Bob Pickhardt Richard and
Teresa Van Gelder
Lenny Drescher, Margaret Hudson,
Lori Olson, and Bob Krumenauer.
Richard and Teresa Van Gelder
Jean Tremain Donald and Caroline Schulze Gerald Drehmel Dr. Sunday Olatunji
Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker Richard David Sullivan Rita Veitch
Joan Weider Mary Weider Roderick S Stenzel
Florence Erickson
Max Reidt Bill and Jane
Edward G Gamroth, My Dad
Lynn and Jeff Ruhland
Charles Vollendorf Curtis and Kathryn


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