Andrew's Story

Former resident guides and inspires as youth pastor

In our 25 years of ministry, the Lord has blessed Hope Gospel Mission with many success stories.  Nothing speaks to God's glory more than having former residents come back to share their testimony and mentor others.

When Andrew first arrived at Hope Gospel Mission, he never dreamed he would be inspiring young people.  He had just been released from jail and needed a place to stay.  Even more, he needed deliverance from the drug addiction that had nearly taken his life not once, but three times.

Everything I owned was in a small suitcase and a backpack,"  Andrew recalls.  "And I was in a homeless shelter.  This is where my choices had brought me."  

Although he had only committed to the Short Stay program, a powerful encounter with God persuaded him to join the Renewed Hope program.  "It was time to surrender," he says.  "I was doing what I needed to do, but it was hard," Andrew tells us.  "You're really confronting yourself while you're building your character and growing closer to the Lord."

Andrew graduated from the program in 2016.  He initially started his new life studying to become a nurse, but soon realized that was not what God meant him to do.  He worked at Hope Gospel for a time as a Resident Advisor and knew he wanted to continue serving the Lord in some capacity.

After counsulting with his pastors, Andrew switched his area of study to Christian Ministry and Leadership.  One day, he asked the Lord how he could best serve Him.  He immediately got a text from his pastors, asking for help with their youth program!  "This is what I was made for!" Andrew enthuses.

Andrew believes God brought him to this fruitful period of his life to share his experiences, not only with the young people in his youth group, but everyone, including you.  He likens himself to the man possessed by demons in the Gospel of Mark.  "That story defines what the Lord did for me, and I want to tell everybody who Jesus is and what He can do!"

Thank you for your continued support of Hope Gospel Mission.  Your donations keep the doors open and help people like Andrew begin a new life!

Thank you for providing a place for Andrew and others who need to find hope in the darkness.

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