Kevin's Story


Kevin grew up in a small, quaint town, but his childhood held some dark secrets.  There was abuse at home, and it was not a place Kevin wanted to be.  By the time he was 15, he began smoking marijuana to ease the pain he received at home.

Spending his time on the streets, Kevin found a group of friends who introduced him to more drugs and alcohol.  "The drugs made me numb," he says.  "I didn't want to feel any more pain."

Living a young life filled with drugs and alcohol led Kevin to jail.  While there, he attended chapel services and began hearing the Gospel.  Kevin soon felt God working in his life.

Kevin was approached with the opportunity to take an interview at Hope Gospel Mission.  There was a catch though...if he was accepted, he could leave jail early and become a resident.  However, if he was not accepted, he would be sent back to his cell.

Understandably nervous, Kevin attended the interview.  After only a few short hours, Kevin heard the good news that he was accepted!  Ecstatic, but still unsure what he was headed into, Kevin began his journey toward sobriety.

"Some days are very difficult," he admits, "but there is always someone here who will see you struggling and help you get through it."

By trusting the Lord, Kevin worked hard to hold on to sobriety.  He is encouraged by his children, two boys and a girl.  "When my son asked me if I would drink after my programs were done, I said I would not," he says through tears.  "The look of happiness on his little face encourages me every day."  

Determined to lead a good example for his children, Kevin is actively involved in his church and looking forward to continuing his business ventures.  He is saving for a home where his children will be able to grow roots.

"The journey is not always easy," Kevin says.  "But as long as you hold on, and follow God, it is worth it!"

Kevin also knows he could not have a bright future without your support.  "I am so thankful for the opportunity you gave me.  It does not go unnoticed.  Everyone here is thankful for you."

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