Jim's Story

After losing his mother and getting divorced, Jim says, "I was lost, confused and emotionally controlled by the evil one."  Struggling to cope with the changes in his life, Jim began taking methamphetamine.  Soon, he was also selling the drug.  "For eight years, I didn't have a grip on anything," he admits.

"I went to jail more than once," Jim recalls.  "I lost everything."  That included contact with his two sons.  Desperate to get his family--and his life--back, Jim took a stand and checked into Hope Gospel Mission.

Jim found it harder than he thought it would be to start over.  "My mental health was totally out of whack," he says.  "Being able to connect with a doctor and getting the resources to overcome my struggles was a blessing!"  

The Renewed Hope Program gave Jim new practical skills, as well as insight into recognizing and controlling the impulsive behaviors that led to his addiction.  "Between the counseling and other resources--and knowing Jesus Christ--I overcame some barriers I never thought I would."

Today, Jim is reconciling with his sons and taking steps to get them back into his daily life.  "Making up for lost time with them is something I have been planning and praying for," he says.  "If not for the encouragement from my counselors and friends at Hope Gospel, I would still be struggling with this."

Jim also looks forward to working again and plans to continue attending Crossroads Church, where he has made many deep connections.

"Hope Gospel Mission transformed me into a new person with integrity and hope.  I became the person I was meant to be for my boys." Jim says.

Looking ahead, Jim says, "Every day will bring hope, not just for me, but for my two boys.  Walking with faith brings hope for my future work and every day life."

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