Renewed Hope Program

This program is designed to help men and women become all that God created them to be. Academics, addictions, finances, life skills, mental health, nutrition/fitness, parenting, spirituality, and employment are all addressed to help each person holistically build a new foundation for their fresh start.

Residents who wish to enroll into this program start out in the Renewed Hope Candidacy period during which they complete assessments to establish how they can be best helped by Hope Gospel Mission. The candidacy period is also a time for the candidate and Hope Gospel Mission to consider if it is the right decision to continue moving forward. Hope Gospel Mission will be considering how the resident is demonstrating commitment, positive attitude, and whether or not the resident is helping to create our intentional, faith-based, healthy, healing community.

Residents enrolled in the Renewed Hope Program are helped in nine different areas of life. We call these “dimensions.” The program is designed to help residents where they most need it. A renewal counselor will be assigned to each resident to help them create and complete a plan for the success of their life.