November 2021 Newsletter

Joy to the World!

Dear Friend,

Christmas joy will be everywhere again this Christmas as we celebrate the wonder that the Lord is with us.

Living without God brought much pain to some of our residents. But coming to the Mission encouraged them to turn to Him and receive His favor. They no longer face the world feeling oppressed and without hope. God now guides them and lights their way forward.

You helped our hurting neighbors find a bright spark of joy in lives that were darkened by addiction, poverty and abuse. And with your support, they will celebrate the source of their joy this Christmas among people who care about them. People like you. I hope you’ll come by this holiday season and share some fellowship. You are important to every man, woman and child here.

May the joyful happiness of Christmas be yours. You have cared for those who were trapped on the road to destruction. You lifted the light of Jesus to shine in this place and many responded.

Now they enjoy the favor of the Lord forever.

Thank you, and may God bless you.


Sandi Polzin 
Executive Director
Hope Gospel Mission                                                                                                                                                               



Joy for the Holiday Season

This past year was difficult for many. We are so grateful you continued giving so no one here went hungry or without care. Thank you for being faithful.

Now, our joyful Christmas celebrations are fast approaching. Soon, we will celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with delicious food and wonderful company. It truly is a happy and heart lifting time for residents at Hope Gospel Mission.

This means the list of needs keeps growing! You can meet these needs this Christmas by detaching and mailing in the donation card with your gift.

God uses you to turn lonely and hurting people to Jesus where they receive peace and everlasting life.

Thank you for making a difference.

God bless you!                          

"Hope has given me hope!"


Kate seemed to have the kind of stable, successful life many women would envy.  She was married, had a son and a daughter and had 20 years of solid work experience. But when her marriage broke down, so did everything else in Kate’s life. “I filed for divorce and proceeded to drink myself to death,” she admits. In fact, she almost succeeded on two occasions.

By the time Kate hit rock bottom, she was down to 82 lbs. Kate’s drinking had alienated her from her family, but her daughter still believed Kate could fight back if given the chance. “My daughter is a nurse, and she heard about Hope Gospel Mission from her colleagues,” Kate tells us. “She brought me here, and every time I talk to her, I tell her how grateful I am!”

Since arriving on August 26, 2020, Kate is sober, happy and healthy. She gained 35 lbs. in her first nine months here and quit smoking after 50 years! Kate is also in a good place emotionally and spiritually. “Getting to know the Lord has helped me get back on my feet and stand tall again,” she says. “I wake up and ask Him for guidance and He’s here for me. He’s holding my hand and we go down the path together.”

Kate also has the support of Hope Gospel Mission staff and her peers in the program. “I’m like a little five-year-old, still learning,” she says. “I’m willing to ask questions, and there’s always someone to help me. They show me grace.”

As she works her way through the final phase of the program, Kate looks forward to living independently again. Her son lives in Minnesota and her daughter lives in Milwaukee, but Kate plans to stay in Eau Claire for a while. She has made a number of friends at church and enjoys Bible studies there.

Whatever God has in store for Kate, Hope Gospel Mission will always be close to her heart. “It’s a major help for our community,” she says. “If you’re willing to work on yourself, Hope Gospel Mission will help you succeed. I’ve gone over some speed bumps, but I’m here and I’m determined. I do not give up. Hope has given me hope!”

You Are Making Jack's Dream a Reality 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jack grew up in a world no child should ever see, let alone experience. His parents were addicted to drugs and alcohol, and his father was involved in sex trafficking. At eight years old, Jack witnessed a police raid on his home. The following year, he watched his mother stab his father. Jack eventually ran away and lived on the streets of Eau Claire until his godmother found him.She saved Jack from the nightmare he had been living ... but there were more tough times ahead of him.

By the time Jack was 18, he had followed his parents into addiction. First, he drank. Then he progressed to using cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy. Even so, he worked at a series of jobs until he discovered he was a natural at sales. A mattress store gave him an opportunity and he ran with it. “It really changed me. I felt like I could make my dream a reality if I set mymind to it.”

Jack’s attempt at sobriety came to an end when he went out drinking on a business trip. He had been a top salesman, but his addiction now took a toll on his work and his life. He told his manager that he needed help, but his insurance didn’t cover treatment, and he couldn’t afford it on his own.

Jack’s godparents told him about Hope Gospel Mission. “I fought coming here,” he says, “but I had to humble myself. I was broken. I was hurting. But I was convicted to make some changes. I had to make my dream a reality again.”

Twelve months after arriving at Hope Gospel Mission, Jack sees his dream of a sober, successful life getting closer. “My family is coming alongside me because they see my dedication and the good decisions I’ve made. I’ve got a couple of business owners who want me to come in and see them once I’m done here.” Jack also looks forward to showing his son, 16, and daughter, 12, what a man of God looks like.

“If you want to be successful,” Jack says, “you have to build the blueprint in your mind. Ask yourself what you want out of life. And get stronger in Christ!”

Harvest of Hope

Thank you to everyone who made the 20th Annual Harvest of Hope Fall Fundraiser Banquet possible! Your support provides positive life-change in our community.

Supporting Sponsors

• Regis Court Dental
• Security Financial Bank
• Johnson, Runkel, Kraegenbrink, Inc.
• Nicole Dorwin Realtor, ABR,
• Coldwell Banker Brenizer Realtors
• Wendel WD Management, LLC
• Rock and Tait Exteriors
• Amy Chapel
• Birch Street AutoCare, Inc.
• Lake Wissota Pontoon Rentals
• Huebsch Services
• Mason Companies Inc.
• Compeer Financial, Mondovi
• Roadside Ice Cream & Diner
• Randy’s Family Restaurant
• Reach Church
• Crossroads Church
• MCL Management
• Northland Buildings
• OakLeaf Surgical Hospital, LLC
• Grace Baptist Church of Hallie
• Wiersgalla Company
• Marten Transport, Ltd.
• Culver’s Brackett & Golf Road
• Alex Nicolas, Inc.

If you missed the event, it is available for viewing at WWW.HOPEGOSPELMISSION.ORG/HARVESTOFHOPE.

Gifts Given in Memory

(Persons being honored are listed first)

Our Parents James and Rita Sendelbach Bernie Klimek
Mark and Roxy Campbell
Java Bergerson
Jane Bergerson Jared P Zibolski Betty Zibolski
Grandma Ecco John and Jean Neira Ernest & Mable Bekkum John and Lori Bekkum
Kyle Christian David and Carolyn Christian Ray Wahl James and Laura Wahl
Children, Grand children and
Ronald Farmer Clarence Fitzsimmons Richard and
Teresa Van Gelder
Gary Anderson Ellen Anderson Russ Minnich Lois Minnich
Clarence Fitzsimmons
Mary Fitzsimmons
Marijo Ann Rader Carla Miller
Jean Tremain Donald and Caroline Schulze Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker
Steven Julie Gullikson Douglas Mason Wanda Lambert
John Johnson Linda Johnson Rosemary Olson Arnold and Beverly Haugen
Anna Schultz Phyllis Ede-Hovey Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski
Fred Turk Jerry and Pamela Johnson Douglas Mason Christopher and Rebecca Bast
Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski Gerald Drehmel
Patti Boeve
Steven Curry Betsy Spahiu Douglas Mason Cheryl Mason
Lois A Peterson Louise Koxlien Douglas Mason Bill Larson
Robert Rongstad Marceil Gunderson Laura L King Bret King
St Jude and Clemens Roter Annette Roter Gerald Drehmel Marjory Shong
Richard David Sullivan Allen and Wanda Skroch Douglas Mason
Sandra and James Casetta
Beatrice Schuh
Larry and Maria Schuh
Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker
Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski Richard David Sullivan
Bob and Jan Sloan
Ellis Stearns and Bob Pickhardt Richard and
Teresa Van Gelder
Lenny Drescher, Margaret Hudson,
Lori Olson, and Bob Krumenauer.
Richard and Teresa Van Gelder
Jean Tremain Donald and Caroline Schulze Gerald Drehmel Dr. Sunday Olatunji
Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker Richard David Sullivan Rita Veitch
Joan Weider Mary Weider Roderick S Stenzel
Florence Erickson
Max Reidt Bill and Jane
Edward G Gamroth, My Dad
Lynn and Jeff Ruhland
Charles Vollendorf Curtis and Kathryn
Gail Schulner Imogene Christopherson

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