Winter 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friend,

I think our residents at Hope Gospel Mission would agree, they smile more since coming here.

You have a big part in that. You help people feel loved. You show them they are worth caring for by the many helpful services you provide.

That starts with healthy meals and clean beds and continues with teaching, training and custom-designed care for each person … including help to find enjoyable work and a place to live.

You prove to our residents they have value each day they stay here.

Our staff and volunteers add to that. They frequently tell me it is a privilege to work and to serve here. They know God uses them to bring others into friendship with Him and receive His blessing.

That is so rewarding and meaningful. Plus, as they help others, God helps them. Just as Proverbs 11:25 says, “Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”

I pray God waters you in this new year. You are bearing fruit that lasts. Lives change here, forever. And you are part of that.


Sandi Polzin 
Executive Director
Hope Gospel Mission



"I had wasted ten years of my life,” Brian tells us. Those ten years, starting in his late teens, were a blur of drugs and alcohol that got him into trouble with his family and the law.

Knowing he needed help, he came to Hope Gospel Mission. When he completed the Short Stay Program, he thought he had everything under control ... but it didn’t last.

“I fell back into all my old habits,” Brian admits. “Before I knew it, I was breaking the law again.” Six months later, the friend he was living with kicked him out. He had nowhere to go except back to Hope Gospel Mission.

This time, Brian made an investment in himself. He would go through the Renewed Hope Program: one year of his life to make up for the ten he had wasted.

“It was pretty amazing,” Brian recalls. “There was a resident I’d known in the Short Stay Program who didn't have a great attitude. When I came back, he had completely changed, and I was excited to see that.”

Brian soon experienced a transformation in his own life. He thought he had acted out because he was angry but realized he had been afraid of being unwanted and unloved. Now he knew God loved him unconditionally. “I had an emptiness in my heart only He could fill,” he says.

Reconciled with God, Brian began repairing the relationships damaged by his years of addiction.

Hope Gospel Mission relies on volunteers every day. From helping clean up to befriending and helping someone in need, our volunteers impact the lives of so many.

Cam is one of our faithful volunteers, showing up every week since God called him here in 2019.

“I was reading through the Old Testament - one chapter per day. After I read the chapter in Job where he had lost everything and his friends first came and comforted him, I reflected and offered a prayer of gratitude that God had placed friends in Job’s life when he needed them. That’s when I felt a prod telling me that there are people in Eau Claire who have lost everything too and need someone to comfort and encourage them. As I prayed further on this, it became clear that God was calling me to minister to the homeless in Eau Claire which ultimately led me to Hope Gospel Mission,” Cam shared.

And he’s been doing just that ever since! Each week brings new blessings for Cam and the men he comes alongside.

“I truly enjoy getting to know the men oneon- one. There are so many good guys in the program who are working hard on their renewal plans. I love seeing the transformation unfold over weeks, months and years. I get to be a first-hand witness to Jesus changing lives in big meaningful ways.”

Many here are so grateful for Cam and his loving care and you can bless so many with your time, just like him. Please consider offering your time, gifts and abilities at Hope Gospel Mission. We promise you won’t be disappointed. This kind of work blesses everyone involved.

“We’re called to humble ourselves, and humbly love and serve others in need. I’ve found whenever I step out of my comfort zone, trust God and follow where He leads, I always seem to get more out of the experience than I put in. I believe the same is true for all of us.”

Most children get a cake on their first birthday. Linda got her first drink, courtesy of her grandfather.

She took to drinking in earnest at age 10, fueled by years of abuse from her mother. The abuse and the addiction continued throughout her adulthood and two failed marriages ... and ended on June 3, 2020.

That’s when Linda was taken to jail, where she stopped drinking and smoking, “cold turkey.” But her life would change in even more profound ways when she came to Hope Gospel Mission after serving her time.

Linda knew about Hope Gospel Mission from an elder of the church she attended. She had been staying with a family from the church when she gave her life totally to the Lord. “God told me to come to the Mission,” she says.

Here, Linda joined our recovery program and allowed Christ to change her life. “I can’t imagine my life without Him,” she tells us. “The transformation was amazing. I listen to His little nudges. I get up in the middle of the night for my quiet time with the Lord.”

Aside from her continued sobriety, the biggest change in Linda’s life is her relationship with the mother who had abused her as a child. “It was hard to forgive her,” she admits. “But I knew God would help me with that, and He is working through her too.” When Linda completes the program, she plans to care for her mother, who suffers from heart disease.

Linda's own health is good, even after a lifetime of drinking. She was diagnosed and treated for hepatitis C, which would have gone undiagnosed had she not come to the Mission. She is ready to go back to work... even in construction! "I'm God's vessel," she says. "He can put me anywhere He needs me."

Linda is grateful to everyone at Hope Gospel Mission - and to friends like you - who helped her get closer to the Lord. "Being at the mission gave me time to get my roots firmly planted in the ground, so I could grow in a happy, healthy, healing environment!"

Every Meal, Night of Shelter, Clothing Item and Act of Kindness Made Life Better for Someone Who Really Needed It. Now They Want to Say... THANK YOU!

Gifts Given in Memory

(Persons being honored are listed first)

Our Parents James and Rita Sendelbach Bernie Klimek
Mark and Roxy Campbell
Java Bergerson
Jane Bergerson Jared P Zibolski Betty Zibolski
Grandma Ecco John and Jean Neira Ernest & Mable Bekkum John and Lori Bekkum
Kyle Christian David and Carolyn Christian Ray Wahl James and Laura Wahl
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Ronald Farmer Clarence Fitzsimmons Richard and
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Robert Rongstad Marceil Gunderson Laura L King Bret King
St Jude and Clemens Roter Annette Roter Gerald Drehmel Marjory Shong
Richard David Sullivan Allen and Wanda Skroch Douglas Mason
Sandra and James Casetta
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Larry and Maria Schuh
Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker
Judi Slagle Betty Zibolski Richard David Sullivan
Bob and Jan Sloan
Ellis Stearns and Bob Pickhardt Richard and
Teresa Van Gelder
Lenny Drescher, Margaret Hudson,
Lori Olson, and Bob Krumenauer.
Richard and Teresa Van Gelder
Jean Tremain Donald and Caroline Schulze Gerald Drehmel Dr. Sunday Olatunji
Ronald H Tucker Jeff and Wendy Tucker Richard David Sullivan Rita Veitch
Joan Weider Mary Weider Roderick S Stenzel
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