February Newsletter 2024

Dear Friend,

I have great hope that 2024 will be a wonderful year for the men, women and women and children served by Hope Gospel Mission. That's because we're building on the many blessings of 2023.

With your help, men, women and children found support from painful pasts by receiving hope, time to heal and the tools needed to learn how to live again. Those who completed our program built healthy and supportive relationships with family, friends and community and were ready to make a fresh start.

As we look forward to the coming year, there is great anticipation. The new Hope Learning Center is under construction and will bring much-needed office space, educational areas for residents and quiet counseling space. The new building will accommodate the growing number of men and women and women with children receiving the services they need to rebuild their lives.

Your kind support provides a solid footing for residents to stand strong and persevere. Thank you for your support. You are making a big difference here, and I greatly value your partnership.

May God bless you and yours with a very happy new year and the joy of seeing your kindness continue to bear fruit through 2024.


Sandi Polzin 
Executive Director
Hope Gospel Mission


Thank you for the powerful support you gave the men, women and children here. Hope began for men and women when they came to Hope Gospel Mission. They would not be here without kind friends like you.

Kevin grew up in a small, quaint town, but his childhood held some dark secrets. There was abuse at home, and it was not a place Kevin wanted to be. By the time he was 15, he began smoking mariuana to ease the pain he received at home.

Spending his time on the streets, Kevin found a group of friends who introduced him to more drugs and alcohol. "The drugs made me numb," he says. "I didn't want to feel any more pain."

Living a young life filled with drugs and alcohol led Kevin to jail. While there, he attended chapel services and began hearing the Gospel. Kevin soon felt God working in his life.

Kevin was approached with the opportunity to take an interview at Hope Gospel Mission. There was a catch though...if he was accepted, he could leave jail early and become a resident. However, if he was not accepted, he would be sent back to his cell.

Understandably nervous, Kevin attended the interview. After only a few short hours, Kevin heard the good news that he was accepted! Ecstatic, but still unsure what he was headed into, Kevin began his journey toward sobriety.

"Some days are very difficult," he admits, "but there is always someone here who will see you struggling and help you get through it."

By trusting the Lord, Kevin worked hart to hold on to sobriety. He is encouraged by his children, two boys and a girl. "When my son asked me if I would drink after my programs were done, I said I would not," he says through tears. "The look of happiness on his little face encourages me every day."

Determined to lead a good example for his children, Kevin is actively involved in his church and looking forward to continuing his business ventures. He is saving for a home where his children will be able to grow roots.

"The journey is not always easy," Kevin says. "But as long as you hold on, and follow God, it is worth it!"

Kevin also knows he could not have a bright future without your support. "I am so thankful for the opportunity you gave me. It does not go unnoticed. Everyone here is thankful for you."

With your help, the new Hope Learning Center is becoming a reality!  The groundbreaking ceremony was held on October 10, 2023, bring the staff, voluteers and community members together in celebration!  The design of the new 8,664-square-foot Hope Learning Center will meet immediate and projected needs for classrooms, counseling and office space.

This additional space is desperately needed.  As individuals come to Hope Gospel Mission more ill and in need of greater care, a new learning center will help meet these growing needs.  

We have outgrown the current learning center as more individuals are seeking help.  With increased bed capacity and enhanced program offerings, the old learning center has become cramped in both classroom and counseling space.

The community really needs this larger learning center.  Together, we can help end homelessness and suffering for many more in our community.

Gifts Given in Memory

(Persons being honored are listed first)

Alice H., My Mother

Jessica Day

Bill Breckner

Sheri Hall

Amy Marie Wick

Shirley Anderson

Charles Cynor and Bill Cynor

Donald and Caroline Schulze

Barbara Garner

Joseph Baiocco

CJ Robinson and Lynne Farmer

Justin and Heather Knutesen

Bill Bingham

Richard Ziemann

Clarence Fitzsimmons

Mary Fitzsimmons

Clarence Hoffman, Sr

Bonnie Zinsli

Clarence Sprague

Nathan and Annie Vaningan

Debbie Konkel

Carolyn Hathaway

Ed and Bob Mckinzie USN Vets

Dana Seymour

Ed Brown

Barbara Farmer

Ed Brown

David and Melanie Bang

Ed Brown

Jack and Rachelle Schulte

Ed Brown

Jim Wieg

Ed Brown

Curt and Kathy Castleberg

Ed Brown

Thomas and Barbara Johnson


Darrell and Sandra Arndt

Frank Keeler, Jr

Jeffrey Heinzen

Gordon Hillestad

Gary Hillestad

Gordon Sissing

Marc Sissing

Gregory John Bredlau

Dennis Bredlau

In the New Life of our Daughter

Brian and Dawn Hoven

Jack Sampson

Bruce Sampson

Jason Gast

Richard and Teresa Van Gelder

Jean Sirianni

Stephen and Janet Driever

Jeanne Farmer

Ronald Farmer

Jeffrey Kohlbeck

Paula Kohlbeck

John and Judy Heintz

Shirley Ives

Joyce Bowman

Clifford Bowman

Kathryn Rasmussen

Ronald and Janice Rasmussen

Kathy Franson

Shirley Pichler

Kelsey Kindschy

Diane and Fred Nehring

Kenneth Schulze

Donald and Caroline Schulze

Kristina McGee

Sheila and Anthony Kvapil

Kristine Bacon

Jon and Kristen Cooley

Larry Gilmartin

Kevin Gilmartin

Lavina A Olson

Thomas and Margene Kewan

Lavon Budnowski

Louise Koxlien

Ma and Dad

Norman and Janny Henke

Mabel Louise Steward

Perry and Vranna Manor

Maddy Butterworth

Matthew and Jennifer Bittner

Margaret Donnelly Benson

Karen Bates

Mary Ann Rizzato

Ken Green

Mary Jo Young

Carol Lamirande


Classic Manufacturing Co

Millard, Shirley and Danne Sivertson

Robyn Sivertson

My Family

Mary Fitzsimmons

Mya Olson

Chuck and Kim Olson

Pat Kolar and Walt Keiser

Joseph Baiocco

Perry and Alice Severson

Kevin and Sharon Severson

Philip Manor

Perry and Vranna Manor

Phyllis Spiering

Charles Spiering

Randy M Lee

Louise Koxlien

Rita Bauer

Tamra Gustavson

Rodney Buenger and Daryl Buenger

Judie Blandin

Ronald H Tucker

Jeff and Wendy Tucker

Shila Basu

Sandeep and Lopamudra Basu

Shirley Sellen

Dan and Barb Ellenberger

Sunetti V

Daniel and Michelle Reis

Tailynn, Bob Elliott, and Michael Donnestad

Tabatha Elliott

Terry and Linda Geboy

Thomas and Mary Burke

Thomas Zimmerman

Doris Zimmerman

Tom Drinkman

Richard Drinkman

Tom Repaal

Mark Repaal

Vern Hanson

Ruth Hanson

William and Anna Joyce

Patricia Salimes


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